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Yes, I'm a slore. What about it?

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❝And in the end we’re all just humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.❞
—F. Scott Fitzgerald (via ribcaqe)



As usual, NOT HELPING.

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for fuck’s sake, where do i even begin here? let’s start from the bottom:

  • the leather ankle boots - hnnnng, they look so soft, especially the soles
  • hello there, piston-rod thighs of my lucid erotic dreamscape
  • the promised land right under the belt
  • those milky, freckly, moderately hairy forearms
  • the shoulder span as it relates to width of the waist
  • scruff/distracting beard-burn thoughts
  • that’s a very dominant left hand he’s holding up there…
  • to go with a very dominant stare
  • with a chestnut pillow of floof to round out the top

Well…that was all disconcertingly specific.  Thanks, Tom.  

And might I add:

  • Facial hair is on point. Just enough for a touch of beard burn on the inner thighs
  • That jawline and how wonderfully lickable it is
  • The strong, straight nose (why does it remind me of the Futurama episode where ‘Human Horn’- aka noses- are an alien aphrodisiac? That’s right: because even his nose is damn sexy)
  • The brow furrowed in concentration

The total sexy package that is Mr. Thomas William Hiddleston

It’s on sale… I can’t think of a single reason I don’t need this.

It’s on sale… I can’t think of a single reason I don’t need this.



His curls.
It’s William Wednesday! And I have no idea who to tag in this curly goodness but let me try
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*grabby hands*

I’m not sure which I want to tug on more: the cravat or the hair.

I’ll use that cravat to tug his face lower ;) so I can tangle my fingers in those curls. Why should I have to choose?

A spooky classic for October. #spooktober #reading #hawthorne

A spooky classic for October. #spooktober #reading #hawthorne


You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature .


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‘There was a general and very quietly stated ethos when he arrived that there was to be no special treatment and no special favours. It would have made everyone’s life hell if they had to treat him as someone special. I think it was very healthy for him to be just another boy.’

'I wasn't starstruck - I'd met him before because I was at school with him, which sounds like a strange thing. But when you’re at school with someone they are just another guy at school. It’s only in retrospect that I realise how strange that must seem.’

Tom has also said that when they were introduced, William said, “Nice to see you,” rather than “Nice to meet you,” implying that the Duke of Cambridge remembered Tom from their Eton days despite being a year apart.

Hoping to post a new one shot tomorrow. I love writing but damn… I get very distracted very easily. 

Tonight it was Tom in a white Stetson. I need a large dose of Adderal to get anything done with that man on the loose.